Increase your bidding strategy now with this new Google Ads tool!

Google Ads News

Google Ads has launched a new feature for Smart Bidding. Seasonality adjustments give you more control over Search and Display campaigns. It is expected to come to Shopping campaigns later this year, which will be followed by Video and App campaigns. 

The Seasonality adjustments were previewed at Google Marketing Live in May and now they are live for Search and Display campaigns. According to Google, this advanced tool helps you optimize bids during upcoming events such as sales or promotions. Although they work the best for short time events, when you expect significant changes in conversion rates because Smart Bidding already manages seasonal events. 

In numbers this means that Seasonal adjustments work better for one to seven days, maximum at two week periods, but not throughout a complete month or more than fourteen days at a time. Google’s tCPA and tROAS smart bidding strategies already take broad-scale seasonality changes into consideration. The algorithm is capable of learning and responding to seasonal bumps or holiday changes in conversion rates, however does not always respond correctly or quickly. 

“With seasonality adjustments, you can apply a predicted conversion rate adjustment and Smart Bidding will consider that adjustment for the date range selected, while trying to hit your target CPA,” says Google.

This will come in handy, when launching a new product or planning a sale on your online store. For example a last minute sale for back to school season, or for the upcoming Black Friday. Simply put one to seven days, or at most a fourteen day period. 

How to do it?

It does not require rocket science to set up. The first step is to sign in to your Google Ads account. Once you’re logged in, in the top-right corner click on the Tools icon. In the drop-down menu you will find the Shared Library and under that Bid Strategies. In the menu click Advanced Controls, then select the Seasonality Adjustments option on the top. 

To create a new adjustment, click on the blue plus symbol, give your adjustment a name and a description. Fill in the event’s start and end dates and choose your scope and devices. You are almost done. Now you have to adjust your conversion rate to reflect your estimated conversion rate change and click Save. 

This feature injects some manual signals and control into Smart Bidding to better anticipate and manage short intervals of conversion rate changes. So it works best for short time shopping sales, product launch or a promotion of a particular product.